Peter Dyson

In 2006 Peter Dyson bought the company. An avid, uncompromising and knowledgeable collector of exotic cars and hugely successful business entrepreneur, Peter was also an M12 owner and a huge admirer of both Noble Automotive and the M12’s attributes.

Peter had a vision for the company. For some time he had noted that the cars in his collection giving the most enjoyable and rewarding driving experience, tended to be the ‘earlier’ models, none of which featured computer assistance. The later supercar offerings just did not reward the driver in quite the same way. Could we produce a modern supercar replicating this ‘analogue’ inspired driving reward and ‘purity’? Could we create a supercar that featured the Noble characteristic compliant and efficient chassis and performance (and much more) but also allowed the driver to be back in control?

The Noble M600 was born…


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October 8, 2014


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