Noble M400 at Cars and Coffee Scottsdale

There was a cop nearby so he couldn’t get on the gas too much. Filmed with the Nikon D5100, manual Nikkor 1.8 lens.
From Wikipedia:

“The Noble M400 is a fibreglass sports car from the British car maker Noble. Manufacturing was outsourced to Hi-Tech Automotive, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The M400 was noted by the automotive press for excellent handling and power.
The Noble M400 features a mid-mounted transverse engine design. The power plant began life as a 2,968 cc DOHC Ford Duratec V6 with four valves per cylinder, as used in the Ford Mondeo ST220. With this engine as a base, Noble fits high-lift camshafts, revised fuel injection, and two turbochargers.
For durability, Noble also added forged pistons, an oil cooler, a larger baffled oil sump, and extra cooling ducts. Its engine has a maximum power of 425 bhp (317 kW) at 6,500 rpm, with a torque figure of 390 lb·ft (530 N·m) at 5,000 rpm.[6] This power and a light weight allow the M400 to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of just over 400 bhp/ton, the figure for which it was named, a 0–60 mph (97 km/h) of 3.2 seconds and a 1/4-mile time of 11.4 @ 119.8 mph (192.8 km/h). Top speed is 187 mph (301 km/h). The UK automotive TV show Vroom Vroom suggested that the M400 gave Ferrari Enzo performance at a Porsche 911 price.


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