Michelin Road Stories: Noble Supercars-Designed to Inspire

Road Stories-True stories of people with driving passion.

Peter Boutwood, managing director of Noble Automotive, talks to Michelin about what makes Noble design special with the beautiful Noble M600.

The Noble M600 came from a brief to create a super car inspired by the Ferrari F40, which is the owners favourite car.

Noble are a small manufacturer competing against big names, so Noble follow the ethos of ‘back to the future’, a car more ‘analog than digital’ for the driving purist.

Weight is very important aspect of the vehicles make-up, the cars made from Carbon, allowing it to weigh up to 400 kilos less than most super cars.

The Noble M600 is reliant on mechanical grip (not electronic), so Michelin tyres are very important in achieving the grip levels required by the vehicle for a neutral ride.

What makes it special? The driver feels ‘as one’ with the car.

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